b'KEYPAD SAFE XL Heavy-duty 16 gauge steel body construction and extra thick 9 gauge steel door. Electronic lock with key backup. Interior light automatically illuminates when opening the safe. LED visual warning light when battery is running low. Includes concrete anchor bolts for mounting.Specs:Overall:20.5"W x 8.0"H x 14.75"DWeight:32 lbsNo. 75435GLIDEVAULTTempered glass touchpad Anchor to stationery objects with silent mode can bewith included 5-foot cable.programmedwitha 4 to 6 digit Permanently install using the access code. pre-drilled housing. Spring assisted slide-out Battery operated with barrel drawer accommodateskey or micro-USB port handguns, jewelry,documentsbackup access.and other valuables.Inconspicuous contemporaryPry resistant door keepsdesign blends well with children and unauthorizedcommon household items.usersfromgaining access. Exterior housing is constructed of 16 gauge steel with two Specs:internalhardened locking lugs. Overall:15.9"W x 4.4"H x 12.2"DWeight:26 lbsNo. 75404snapsafe.com|1-877-214-4470 9'