b'VAULT DOORSCreate your own safe room or enhance the security of any closet, room, or storm shelter with the SnapSafe VaultDoor. Itsthick steel construction and easy installation allow an e\x1e ective and a\x1e ordable way to protect an existing area from theft andunintended intrusion. 12 gauge door and door frame. Features nine 1-inch live locking bolts. Comes standard with a SecuRAM digitallock with key backup. Integrated steel trimnishes the exterior doorway. Premium slip clutch handle protects lock mechanism against forced entry.No. 75419 (black) No. 75416 (black) No. 75415 (black)32" Out-Swing Door 32" In-Swing Door 36" In-Swing DoorFor standard 32" door opening For standard 32" door opening For standard 36" door openingDoor height:81" Door height:81" Door height:81"Inside clearance width:27.4" Inside clearance width:27.4" Inside clearance width:31.4"Outside width:32.8" Outside width:32.8" Outside width:36.8"Out-Swing In-Swing In-SwingDoor Door DoorYour SnapSafe vault doors come standard with UL listedAll tools and hardware areincluded digital lock with EMP-proof mechanical key backup. with every vault door purchase.SecuRAM Digital Lock Key backup6 snapsafe.com|1-877-214-4470'