b'The security of a welded safe with none of the hassles.SUPER TITAN XL SUPER TITAN TITANDOUBLE DOOR Exterior Dimensions: Exterior Dimensions:Exterior Dimensions: 38"W x 59"H x 17.5"D (add3"forhandle) 22"W x 59"H x 17.5"D (add3"forhandle)38"W x 59"H x 24"D (add 3" for handle) Interior Dimensions: Interior Dimensions:Interior Dimensions: 53.5"H x 33"W x 14.5"D 17"W x 55.125"H x 14.5"D33"W x 53.5"H x 20.5"D Door Opening:52"H x 14.75"W Door Opening:14.75"Wx 52"HDoor Opening:52"H x 29"W Locking Bolts:8 Locking Bolts:8Locking Bolts:14 Shipping Weight:550 lbs Shipping Weight:400 lbsShipping Weight:660 lbs Capacity:24+ Long Guns Capacity:12+ Long GunsCapacity:36+ Long Guns SecuRAM Lock:UL listed digital lock withSecuRAM Lock:UL listed digital lock with SecuRAM Lock:UL listed digital lock withEMP-proof mechanical key backup EMP-proof mechanical key backupEMP-proof mechanical key backup No. 75011 No. 75010No. 75014snapsafe.com|1-877-214-4470 5'