b'TREKLITE LOCK BOXES Heavy-duty protection at a third of Durable, non-slip rubber overmold provides theweightof steelonly 1.5 pounds! stability and added protection. Ideal for storing valuables such as handguns, Foam lining protects valuables from damage.passports, jewelry, cash, andkeys while Available with a key lock or TSA traveling or at home. combination lock. Easilyts in a drawer, suitcase, or under a Includes a 1500 pound rated security cable car seat. foradded protection. Constructed of advanced, impact-resistant Meets TSA requirements.*polycarbonate forexceptional toughness.Patented Security CableAll SnapSafe Lock Boxes come with a 1500 pound rated cable. Youcan purchase additional cables separately.The patented, space-saving receiver/connector allows maximum interior storage space.U.S. Des. Pat. No. D786,046Additional Security CableNo. 75280The weight and strength of TrekLite Lock Boxes make them the perfect travel companion.*IMPORTANT: Do not store loadedrearms in any safe or lock box. Follow local, state and federal laws forrearm storage and transport. Check TSA regulations and airline policies before 18 snapsafe.com|1-877-214-4470 traveling with any portable safe. Checkdimensions of yourrearm against safes internal dimensions noted on bottom of box. Firearm andrearm accessories not included.'