b'A HIGH QUALITY MODULAR SAFE THAT OFFERS THE SECURITY OF A WELDED SAFE.Edward J. McGunn, a third generation safe builder, was frustrated by the cost and e\x1e ort to move a safe to the second story of his home. Whats worse, after all the work, thenal location still wasnt ideal. He wondered, There HAS to be a better way to move hundreds of pounds of steel from one place to another. Thats when he thought of SnapSafe, a modular safe that would come in pieces light enough to carry and then securely lock togetheranywhere.By reducing the cost, time and e\x1e ort of installation, SnapSafe makes owning a safe as easy as owning anyother essential home or o\x1cce appliance.Economical to ship.Easy to move and assemble.SnapSafe modular safes are as solid and impenetrable as conventional welded safes. Plus, their 2300re protection o\x1e ers peace-of-mind knowing jewelry, currency,rearms andvaluable documents are protected fromre and theft. Their modular design makes moving and assembly easy, eliminating the need for hired movers or installers. You can move the safe piece-by-piece to any room and assemble it yourself with the socket wrench thats included!Note:Product appearance may change duetomanufacturingupgrades. Assembly video on SnapSafe.com2 snapsafe.com|1-877-214-4470'