b'PADLOCKSCABLE PADLOCKS \x1d2\x1ePACK\x1cDesigned tot most handguns, ri es and shotguns, these cable padlocks preventrearm operation when properly secured through the receiver and/or magwell. Both solid steel locks are keyed alike and come with protective PVC cable covers. Padlock 2-Pack comes with four keys.2-PackTSA PADLOCKS \x1d2\x1ePACK\x1c No. 75281Protect belongings by using this all metal TSA-recognized padlock with 4-digit combination and heavy-duty, thick shackle. TSA-recognized *locks allow TSA screeners to inspect luggage without damaging the locks. Plus,theyre 10 times harder to crack than3-digit locks.2-Pack No. 76020\x1f View product videos and get more information on SnapSafe.com*IMPORTANT: Do not store loadedrearms in any safe or lock box. Follow local, state and federal laws forrearm storage and transport. Check TSA regulations and airline policies before traveling with any portable safe. Checkdimensions of yourrearm against safes internal dimensions noted on bottom of box. Firearm andrearm accessories not included.snapsafe.com|1-877-214-4470|17'