b'MODULAR SAFESSUPER TITAN XXLDOUBLE DOORExterior Dimensions:46"W x 59"H x 30"D (add 3" for handle)Interior Dimensions:41"W x 53.5"H x 26.5"DDoor Opening:37"W x 52"HLocking Bolts:14Shipping Weight:905 lbsCapacity:56+ Long GunsDigital Lock:UL listed digital lock with EMP-proof mechanical key backupNo. 75013Various shelf configurations available.Digital locks o\x1f er ease anddependability.SnapSafe modular safes feature a UL listed digital lock for securityWARRANTYand ease of use with a mechanical key backup for use in case of an electromagnetic pulse. EMPs, which can be natural or manmade, can disrupt electronics. The mechanical key will continue to function in such an emergency, allowing access to guns and valuables inside your safe.Manage your personal security code for 100% privacy. Your SnapSafe modular safe comes with ahandy tool kit containing everything you\'ll need to assemble and con gure your safe.Digital Lock with Key backup4 |snapsafe.com|1-877-214-4470'