b'UNIVERSALGUN RACKSHANDGUN HANGERSStore guns in your safe or anywhere with these handy gun racks made in four di\x1e erent widths. The rack helps maximize storage space while o\x1e ering a secure and balanced rack designed for compact pistols, full size handguns, revolvers, and semi-autos. Its PVC coating prevents scratches or marring. Store guns right side up or upside down, depending on your preference.4 Gun Pistol Rack .No. 758206 Gun Pistol Rack .No. 758308 Gun Pistol Rack .No. 75840Maximize space by hanging handguns from shelves in your safe. Convenient and durable, the hangers are made with a PVCcoating thatHEADREST prevents marring or scratching inside the barrelofyour guns.GUN RACK Hardened steel wire supports heavy handguns (22 caliber and larger). Coated wire hooks securePVC coating wont scratch or damage handgunnish. to each headrest (driver andMaximizes storage in your gun safe or cabinet. passenger seats) and hangSlide onto 1/2-inch to 1-inch thick shelf. behind seat to hold a long gun. Works great to hold range bags, 4-Pack clothing, or grocery bags as well. No. 75870 Includes two hooks.2-PackNo. 75881*IMPORTANT:Follow local, state and federal laws for rearm storage and transport. Firearm and rearm accessories shown are not included.snapsafe.com|1-877-214-4470 15'