b'PADLOCKSCABLE PADLOCKSTSA PADLOCKS \x1d2\x1ePACK\x1c\x1d2\x1ePACK\x1c Protect belongings by using this all metal TSA-recognized padlock with 4-digit combination Designed tot most handguns, ri es andand heavy-duty, thick shackle. TSA-recognized *shotguns, these cable padlocks preventrearmlocks allow TSA screeners to inspect luggage operation when properly secured through thewithout damaging the locks. Plus,theyre 10 receiver and/or magwell. Both solid steel lockstimes harder to crack than3-digit locks.are keyed alike and come with protective PVC2-Pack cable covers. Padlock 2-Pack comes with four keys. No. 760202-PackNo. 75281 View product videos and get more information on SnapSafe.com*IMPORTANT: Do not store loadedrearms in any safe or lock box. Follow local, state and federal laws forrearm storage and transport. Check TSA regulations and airline policies before 20 snapsafe.com|1-877-214-4470 traveling with any portable safe. Checkdimensions of yourrearm against safes internal dimensions noted on bottom of box. Firearm andrearm accessories not included.'